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We turn businesses into brands customers

remember and give a damn about.

Capture attention and grow your business with the right

marketing strategies and communications.

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Your plate is full. In fact, if you’re like most

entrepreneurs, it’s overloaded. That’s exactly

where we come in.

We work with you to solve problems, create opportunity,

maximize resources and, dare we say it, make marketing fun.


Inspire yourself.

Check out the Lucky 13 blog and you’ll see why we

love the art of marketing.

Borrow some new ideas and motivation to move your business forward.

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of the game.

Rule #1: We believe you should only have to use us when you need us. No long-term retainers, no stress.

Rule #2: We love working with startups and small businesses, so we’re budget-friendly.

Rule #3: We give your business the edge with fresh, custom solutions designed around your unique challenges.

Rule #4: We secretly want to work ourselves out of a job by giving you the right marketing materials and plans to take your own business where you want it to go.

Rule #5: Coffee, coffee, coffee.

Rule #6: There is no such thing as luck.

We don’t do this
because we have to.

We do this because we love to.

The moment you speak with us, you’ll understand.

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